Finding Your Balance in a Townhome

It’s essential to be able to find balance in life.

As a homeowner, life can sometimes feel like walking on a tightrope. Mortgage payments, utility bills, house cleaning, yard work… it can be a lot for anyone to juggle.

The beauty of life in a townhome is that it offers you tons of ways to find your balance more quickly.

Enjoy a sense of community with plenty of privacy
A big reason why people enjoy townhome living is the amicable balance it strikes between community and privacy.

You get a private yard, your secure detached garage, and nobody living above or beneath you. But, you still have plenty of neighbours in proximity to keep an eye on the property and surroundings, which helps create a safer community. It’s also easier to find someone to pet-sit or house-sit if you need to leave for work, a vacation or an adventure of any kind.

If you want to be more social, there’s practically a built-in network of people to connect with. Your kids can find friends just footsteps away from the house – and you can find peace and quiet by merely shutting the door while they play outside!

Make maintenance more manageable
Leaving the rental market can be intimidating – especially if you’ve never owned before. On top of the investment you’re making financially, you’re also taking on a lot of responsibility with property maintenance and upkeep.

A townhome in the right community can ease your worries and alleviate stress by making key parts of the outdoors more manageable.

If landscaping is already included, for example, you won’t have to add that to the cost of your home purchase or lose precious time waiting for your lawn to be planted. You can head right out back and start enjoying things as soon as you move in.

In a province where it’s winter for almost half the year, homeowners usually dread the amount of snow shovelling they have to do. But not you… in Trumpeter at Big Lake, snow removal is taken care of for you!

Take delight in the postcard-like setting of a fluffy white snowfall, knowing you don’t have to worry about clearing the sidewalks after!

Enjoy the outdoors as much (or as little) as you like
As soon as the snow melts, get outside and flex your green thumb or fire up that barbeque!
A townhouse gives you outdoor access that you can’t get with an apartment-style condo – but without making you feel like the great outdoors have taken over.

Since landscaping is included with a Trumpeter townhome, you can get a head start on your gardening and lay down some real roots. Bust out some annuals, perennials, or maybe even some vegetables you can harvest for your meals.

Live in harmony with nature – including your pets
The Trumpeter community is uniquely integrated with its natural surroundings, playing host to native plant species, protected wetland areas and wildlife corridors. It’s uniquely enjoyable for pets too!

A townhome with a yard makes it easy to accommodate your animal companions. Especially when you have to let them outside at night (or in the middle of winter, when it’s 30 below), instead of bundling up and braving the cold for a walk, you can pop open the backdoor and let your buddies out to quickly do their business!

Of course, you don’t need pets to enjoy all the beautiful natural spaces around Big Lake… go for a stroll around the neighbourhood ponds and take in the serene view, or venture further into the Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park to spot some amazing local wildlife.

Achieve a better work-life balance
Carve out some downtime to enjoy the home you’ve worked so hard for.

A townhome requires a smaller mortgage and less regular upkeep than a traditional house, plus the monthly bills are lower, which takes off a lot of financial pressure and enables you to save more time for yourself.

With 1,300 square feet of open-plan living, you can comfortably spread out in your townhome, with lots of space to relax or entertain – but without having to heat, furnish and insure rooms that hardly ever get used.

Enjoy your time as you see fit in a home that truly suits you!

Learn more about living in a Trumpeter townhome
Want to know more about how you can own a beautiful townhome in Trumpeter at Big Lake? Visit the Showhome page to find details on how you can speak to one of our Builder partners.