You’ll find some helpful information about Trumpeter below. We’ve tried to think of everything but if we missed something you don’t see answered here, please get in touch at edmonton@anthemproperties.com

  • When will the community of Trumpeter be complete?
    We anticipate the development portion of the community to be complete in 2028.
  • What are the nearby retail amenities?

    At Trumpeter, you’re only moments away from all the necessities of everyday living, including:

    • Enjoy Centre – 5 minutes
    • Bellevue Village – 5 minutes
    • Tim Hortons and Shell – 5 minutes
    • Superstore, Save-on Foods and Safeway – 10 minutes
    • Costco – 10 minutes to Yellowhead location / 15 minutes to Winterburn location
    • 15 minutes to West Edmonton Mall
    Plus, living in Trumpeter will only get more convenient with 150,000 sq. ft. of future commercial space planned next to the Enjoy Centre, which will include restaurants, individual retail stores and a grocery store.

  • Is there retail within the community?
    Across the street from Trumpeter Landing on Trumpeter Way, is a brand new commercial space with a convenience store, liquor store and daycare, as well as pizza and Indian restaurants. Let the kids play in the playground while you pick up a quick and delicious dinner.
  • What are the designated schools for my kids?

    Find the most up to date information on Trumpeters’s designated schools through the Edmonton Public School and Catholic School finder tools below:

    Edmonton Public School Finder Tool

    Edmonton Catholic School Finder Tool

  • Are there spaces for my children to play?
    Yes! Centrally located within Trumpeter is Trumpeter Landing, a 10-acre Urban Village Park complete with a toboggan hill, park and playground.
  • What does a low impact community mean?

    Trumpeter was designed to include low impact development features that help preserve the natural environment and lessen our human footprint, including:

    • Bioswales – the natural vegetation used in the medians throughout the community, they act as the community’s natural water filtration system, ensuring the water that goes back into Big Lake is as clean or cleaner than it was before.
    • Wildlife Corridors – provide safe passage for the native wildlife and prevent excessive human-wildlife interaction, keeping Trumpeter safe for all its residents.
    • Low-light LED streetlamps – to minimize light pollution and keep the community bird friendly for the 235 bird species that also call Trumpeter home.
    • Natural vegetation, wetlands and ponds throughout the community.

  • Is there a Homeowner’s Association in Trumpeter?
    Yes, Trumpeter does have a Homeowners’ Associations. It’s responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the stone walls and inserts along the stone walls. In the future, when the association is turned over to the residents of Trumpeter, the homeowners association could further use resources for additional maintenance (over and above the City’s maintenance) in keeping Trumpeter’s parks, trails, landscaping and other features beautifully maintained. Though not yet established, the homeowners association annual fee is anticipated to be approximately $100.
  • What is the Big Lake Community League?

    In addition to a Homeowners’ Association, Trumpeter is a part of the Big Lake Community League. This is an initiative created by residents for the betterment of the community, including managing and directing social and recreation activities, acting as an intervener in civic matters, and planning, developing and maintaining any community facilities and amenities outside of the development plan. The Big Lake Community League currently arranges the annual community barbecue and they were behind the creation of the skating rink in the Urban Village Park.

    There is no current fee associated with the community league and any fees would be at their discretion.

  • What is in the Big Lake natural area?
    Big Lake is one of the most naturally scenic areas in Edmonton. Neighbouring Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park, the community is surrounded by 1,119 hectares of protected lake and wetlands. Home to a variety of wildlife, try to spot some of the 235 diverse bird species in the area, including Trumpeter Swans, the Peregrine Falcon and Bald Eagle, or keep an eye out for the local moose, beavers, deer and foxes.
    If you’re looking for more activity, there’s lots to explore at Big Lake, the largest lake near Edmonton and a protected part of Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park. At 8 km in length and 3 km at its widest point, go for a kayak or cast your line for Northern Pike, Walleye and Sticklebacks. Surrounding the lake, you’ll find boardwalks, trails and viewing platforms to take in the natural beauty.
  • How close is Trumpeter to other amenities?
    • West Edmonton Mail – 15 minutes
    • Mayfield Common – 15 minutes
    • Closest golf courses:
    • Sandpiper Golf & Country Club – 10 minutes
    • J.R. Golf Course – 15 minutes
    • The Ranch Golf and Country Club – 15 minutes
    • Dragons Head Par 3 Golf Course – 5 minutes
    • Closest recreation centres:
    • Akinsdale & Kinex Arenas – 10 minutes
    • Servus Credit Union Place – 12 minutes
    • Closest fire station – 11-minute response time from Lewis Estates
    • Downtown Edmonton – 22 minutes
    • Airport – 30 minutes
  • Do I get a fence included with my home?
    Fences are the responsibility of the homeowners to coordinate or build. Before building a fence, be sure to check out the architectural guidelines for the community, as specific styles and colours have been chosen to ensure cohesiveness throughout the community.
  • Does Anthem plant trees on my property?
    We do not plant trees on homeowner lots, instead trees are planted throughout the boulevards and medians. To learn about what trees to plant on your property, click here.
  • Who maintains the park spaces and natural community amenities?
    As the developer, Anthem is initially responsible for building and maintaining all park spaces, but the City of Edmonton will take this on once we have Anthem has completed its maintenance obligation.