The Perks of Buying a New Home

The journey of building your dream home is an exciting adventure filled with happiness and anticipation! Choosing Trumpeter by Big Lake, northwest Edmonton’s premiere community emersed in nature, opens up a world of opportunities for both new homebuyers and those seeking to upgrade to more spacious and luxurious living spaces!

Let’s explore a few of the many advantages that come with building your home alongside Anthem’s esteemed builder partners: Anthem, Montorio Homes, Jayman BUILT and Pacesetter Homes.

1. Personalization: Imagine a home that truly reflects who you are! Building new allows you to customize every aspect to perfectly suit your lifestyle. Whether it’s designing a layout that flows seamlessly or handpicking design elements like appliances, cabinetry, paint colours and lighting fixtures, the canvas is yours to bring to life! With builders dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction, you can craft your dream home, tailored precisely to your unique taste and needs.

2. Energy Efficiency: Say goodbye to soaring utility bills and hello to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle! New homes are champions of energy efficiency, employing state of the art construction techniques and materials. From tightly sealed envelopes to superior insulation and modern appliances, every detail is focused on saving you money while reducing your carbon footprint. For a great example of what homebuilders can do, check out Jayman BUILT’s Net Zero showhome in Trumpeter.

3. Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your new home comes with a comprehensive warranty, safeguarding you against unexpected issues after you move in. From appliances to roofing, plumbing to electrical, your builder is committed to promptly addressing any glitches, sparing you from stress and unexpected expenses.

4. Quality Craftsmanship: In Trumpeter by Big Lake, opting for a new build means indulging in superior craftsmanship, meticulously designed floorplans and high quality specifications. There’s something truly satisfying about knowing that every aspect of your home, from the appliances to the countertops, is flawlessly crafted and brand new.

5. Move in Ready: Whether you prefer to personalize every detail of your new home or crave immediate gratification, Trumpeter offers options to suit your preferences. Take your time with a custom build from the ground up or choose a move in ready home for instant satisfaction. With reputable builders offering quick possession options, you can enjoy the perks of a new home without the wait.

Building your new home in Trumpeter by Big Lake, proudly developed by Anthem, is a great decision, and with three award winning builders, including Jayman BUILT, Montorio Homes and Pacesetter Homes, to help you create your perfect home, you know you made the right choice.